Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What Is InvitesCentral?

So a hell of a lot of you are probably asking yourself,What the hell is InvitesCentral? Well Here is your answer!

InvitesCentral is a BitTorrent forum that was originally dedicated to the sharing of BitTorrent Invites but turned into a great big family. There is more to InvitesCentral than just invites. There are hundreds of friendships. There are members waiting eagerly to make new friends and share their invites. Just about every member has a strong,meaningful friendship with every other member.It is full of Generous,Caring and members that never hesitate to share what they have. There is not much trading at InvitesCentral. It is mostly Giveaways. With a very large amount of sct and ftn giveaways it has become one of the greatest giveaway forums of all. InvitesCentral's registrations are closed except for one possible way. You must impress me in some way,tell me what you can do for our community. What do you have for sure? We aren't looking for Tracker Collectors and Traders(even though there is a trading section).

That's pretty much all that there is to know about Us!



boxbox said...

IC is a level 10 in my opinion. It is a community of sharing, helping each other out, and it's a big family. There is no forum out there that can be campare to IC.

MM did a great job of creating it and it is here to stay b/c of the dedicate support from the members and the commitment of keeping it alive.

Alex said...

I'm not sure where or how to go about impressing you, but I have a bunch of invites to TD and a bunch to STmusic, and even 1 to TL....I love doing giveaways, but have never had a great place to do them at....I know I would be a positive addition to the IC community!! If I managed to qualify you can reach me at jetwf6@gmail.com

Haley said...

hey m8 before i start great site

im not really sure how i could impress you but i have alot of lower level stuff to give away right now and soon i will have alot of higher level stuff and basically nowhere to give them out and id love the chance to be a member at IC and share with everyone there

every site im on i have atleast double upload to download and i feel bad if its below that (kinda helps in a crappy way when your download gets capped so you just seed for 2 weeks of every month)

anyway i wont ramble on about crap please let me know how i could impress you

HaFzOn said...

Hey Bro.
I'm Member at most of p2p and sharing forums like FST & P2Ptalk & Trackereactor ...etc

I Tried Always To Find Good Spirit @ any forum but i failed 2 do that coz these forums are full of scammers and cheaters who made me lose alot of my trackers accounts..

I Have Good Variety Of invites that i can help with and i need good forum with good and honest ppl to whom i'm gonna giveaway these invites without being afraid from disabling my invites privilges

So..I'd Like Some Invitation t IC And Be Sure That I Won't let u down


eris said...

Hi MM,
I'd appreciate a chance in this tight community. I cannot count the numbers of forums and whatnot's that I've been registered to, but there are a few places that I keep frequenting, and the one constant is that they have great communities, where you dont feel like another number but a real asset and friend to the others.
I strive to find such communities in the subjects that interest me most.
But I have to limit the number of those since I tend to spend much time on them, and contribute to the server costs if needed.
From what I can find IC is such a community, this is why it appeals to me.
Concerning torrenting, I know my way around torrents, have some low and medium level trackers and setup my own seedbox at OVH to ensure proper seeding since my home connection is useless for uploading.
If you can grant me some probation time on IC you can judge for yourself if I would be an asset or not.
either way, keep sharing & have fun with your blog !
EJ (erisjuno att google mail)

lol said...

I want to join this site, because it's a good community, where you can find friends and spare your time on the e-world.
I have given many invites over the years, from everything i got, i never thought of:"i want give that, this is too rare" - i give in the hope that people will enjoy it, and as a community, when i'll need something i can be sure that my friends will take care of that:)
i am on many good & known trackers, and i'd like to join this one.
please contact me via email, which is:lovesedge@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hey..what happened IC?...

SS said...

I miss old days, IC was the best community to which i belonged, thks MM

Anonymous said...

agreed...was best of all. Where is everyone now?