Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stay Safe,Away from the "Pirate Police"

Stay Safe,Away from the Pirate Police

Well I know that many of you are worried about the MPAA and the RIAA(or who I like to call the "Pirate Police". So I wrote this guide telling you ways to help prevent them from catching you.I have a few things to get straight with you first.

1. Never be Scared from the "Pirate Police".
2.Never be Intimidated by the "Pirate Police".
3.Never Give in to the "Pirate Police"
4.Listen to what Markup has to say or you just might have to pay one day.(Damn,When I said pay it had double meanings )

Ok,for some of you folks Piracy is legal in your country(Lucky... <_< ) But for many others you could have to pay thousands of dollars and/or jail time(I think so at least). So this is my advice to you.

1.If you get a letter from your ISP(Internet Service Provider)then Ignore it,But lay low for a while,maybe a month or even longer.They should list the copyrighted movie that you downloaded.Go and buy a copy of it just for added security.

2.Get a dynamic IP Address. While this doesn't protect you completely from them,it still will help out.Just in case you don't know what the difference between a Dynamic and a Static Ip address is I will give a brief explanation. Remember that this is a very brief comparison and there is more to it than this. A dynamic ip address changes and a static ip address stays the same. Do not make fun of my short comparison because I have too much to write in this guide.So you may ask yourself,How do I get a dynamic ip address? The answer is to give your ISP a call. Well Some ISP's will allow them for free,some will give them to you for a small price and some won't give them to you at all.The reason why a dynamic ip address will give you a tad more privacy is because it changes. Also keep in mind that if you have a dynamic ip you pretty much cannot be banned by ip address on most trackers.

3.Get Peerguardian. If you want to know more about Peerguardian then use google or ask around.I honestly do not know much about it.But I do know what it basically does.It will pretty much let you choose the ip addresses that you want to block out.So you might want to pick up Peerguardian.

4.Some Settings on Utorrent Need to be turned off.Make sure that you turn off Peer Exchange and DHT.

5.The "Pirate Police" Upload many fake torrents to trackers designed to catch you.They even pretend to be famous release groups such as aXXo and Pukka.Don't think that just because you are on a private tracker that they can't get in.Use http://www.fenopy.com/fakefinder to find fake torrents and fake trackers.

6.Don't download from places like TorrentSpy or even public trackers.TorrentSpy has to give out a list of all of the IP Addresses that visit there.They hand them out to the "Pirate Police". Public Trackers are just way too dangerous. Anyone can upload there.So The "Pirate Police" Can upload anything they want.

That should help you a bit more if you haven't done those things.Stay Safe!




zipper said...

I am the first to make the comment, I hope..

One awesome blog MM.


Anonymous said...

Thank you MM, are great advices here. Keep it on.

Anonymous said...

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Jay said...

I live in Canada! Where Piracy is legal, thankfully...

I would also recommend for some people to get a VPN. It hides your IP address 100%!

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