Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to use uTorrent on a USB Stick.

Taken from TorrentFreak,Not written by me!

A portable version of uTorrent may come in handy when you’re with friends, at school, or at work. It will fit perfectly on every usb-stick, Ipod, mobile phone, or any other device that is recognized a “removable disk”.
Setting up a portable uTorrent is easy.

1. Download the latest standalone version, and copy it onto your datastick.

2. Create an empty datafile with notepad or any other text editor, and name it settings.dat

3. Place the settings.dat file in the same folder on your portable disk as uTorrent.

4. Run uTorrent from your portable drive and confugure the options and preferences.

Now you’re ready to go. You can start downloading at school, and finish at home. And the good thing is that you don’t need to install uTorrent or another BitTorrent client, just a USB-port, that’s all you need.

right click to adjust bandwidth settingsIf you’re planning to use uTorrent on different computers with different bandwidth settings, make sure that you set the maximum upload speed to 90% of the available upload speed to guarantee fast download speeds.

Tip: An easy way to adjust the up- and download speeds is by rightclicking the uTorrent icon in the taskbar.

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