Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Easy ways to keep your ratio up!

Hello All,Today I will try and get in a few tips and stuff to help you if you are just starting out in Private trackers,and you are in ratio trouble,or you just know nothing about ratios and don't want to get in a dangerous situation.Please Remember that some trackers do not allow the second method at their trackers.So remember to read the rules!Hope this helps!

Some Things To Know about Ratios

If you are going to survive on most private trackers.Then you MUST Keep your ratio up.
In order to keep your Ratio up you must seed everything you have downloaded.You can seed by leaving your client open after you have finished downloading the torrent.You can also get a better ratio by uploading content to trackers.But some trackers have rules about uploading.For instance, at TorrentLeech you must fill out a application before you can upload.And at Oink all of your music albums that you upload must be yours originally .They can't be taken off some other tracker and then re-uploaded at oink.They will either take away your privilege to upload or get your account banned forever.Make sure you upload things that are not uploaded on that tracker already.Also remember when you upload a torrent you must keep it well-seeded.Sometimes for at least over 24 hours.

If you are in deep trouble and have a lot downloaded and not so much uploaded then here is a GREAT Technique for you.It was written By mike from Afterdawn.

Ok, so you've joined a registered trackers, and you've noticed there are consequences if you don't have a good upload ratio.
People who have not uploaded a sufficient amount (usually 8gb) have to wait a period of time for newer files (upto 48 hours wait).

This can be frustrating, as speeds become slow, you have to wait a long time to get those files, and you risk being banned for a low ratio.

Ok, a technique I'm going to teach you, is a special method to build a big upload ratio.

Ok, imagine a torrent. Where there are only a few seeders, and a hell of a lot of leechers, if you could grab those file/s, you could seed for quite some time which would pay off as far as your upload ratio goes.

But to get those file/s, you'd have to download them, which we all know put's a big dent in your ratio. There is however, another way. On most torrent files, files are split up into WinRAR volumes. Usually consisting of 50mb. If you could get a few of these volumes, you could seed these for a very long time (depending on the number of leechers).

So, here is a picture of two torrents which have a high number of leechers, and a low number of seeders :

Also, notice how they have been uploaded recently, and thus have a time delay on you because you have not uploaded the tracker minumum to rid of your time delays.

Ok, now. If you download one of these torrents, you should pick one or two parts :

Notice how I have only chosen two files to download.

You will have to find out how to download the files of your choice only, on the client you use.

Now, after these files have downloaded, you will immediately start seeding to all these leechers. Leave it on for say.. a day. And you will have probably seeded over 1-2gb. If you keep using this method, you will build a really big ratio!

And it can be done whenever you want, regardless of your ratio. Also, I know it is frustrating because torrents which have a high number of leechers, are usually newer files and so the delay comes into play again.. but if you keep an eye open, or even set it so you can view ALL files, and sort them in the order of number of leechers, look for one without a delay on you, are you're all set to go!

Hopefully you can build up a big ratio with this guide! Enjoy!

-Written by Mike at AfterDawn

OK,So the first guide was written by me.The second one was a guide that not too many newbies know about.It wasn't written by me.

Hope I Helped!

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