Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to upload a torrent using Utorrent

Hello all,This tutorial will teach you how to upload a torrent.For my demonstration I am going to be using This was taken from Mininova and slightly edited....

1.Get utorrent from would recommend version 1.6.1)
2.Install it.
3.Open it up and Click "Create New Torrent". A screenshot is below.

4. A box will appear. If you are uploading a single file then click 'Add file' (1). If you are uploading a folder with files in it then click 'Add directory'(2). In this tracker's URL most of the time at their upload page. Tick the 'start seeding' box.Tick thcase we will be selecting the latter(Add directory). A screenshot is below.

3. Browse to the folder where the files you want to upload are located, as shown. Then click 'OK'

4. Fill in the URLs of the trackers you wish to use.Which in this case is If you use more than one tracker (which is a good idea) then separate each URL with a blank line as shown below.Please remember that some trackers don't allow this and only accept the upload if it only has one Announce URL in the box. You can find thee "Private Torrent" Box. Then click on the 'Create and save as...' button. A example screenshot is shown below.

5. Select where to save the .torrent file to when prompted. It doesn't really matter where you put it so long as you remember where it is. I like to create a specific folder for each tracker that I upload to and put all of my torrent files for that tracker in there.After you have done this click on 'save'.

6. You should then see your new torrent in your active list in utorrent, and the status should say 'seeding' as shown below. If you get any error messages such as 'Error: the system cannot find the file specified' then there is a problem and you should try again.

7.You may need to make a nfo if your tracker requires one.If so go to this guide I made about making nfo's: INSERT LINK HERE LATER!

8..Read the Trackers Upload rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9..Go to the tracker's upload page.

10. Depending on what your tracker's upload page requires and has your options may be a little bit different than mine.Do everything you see in the following screenshot and you will do just fine.

11.You will then be redirected to the torrents details page.Here some trackers may require you to re-download the torrent.Others may not.If they do,go ahead and re-download it and when it comes to utorrent then you are all done!



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