Friday, January 4, 2008

Azureus: Creating and seeding on Mac

So, fire up Azureus and to create a torrent file go to File>New Torrent...

The first window will ask you what the torrent tracker URL is, and if the file you want to create a torrent out of is a single file, or one or more files in a directory. Choose "Use an external Tracker" and if you are using Waffles, paste the announce URL ( into the Announce URL box. You should not have "Add Multi-Tracker information to the torrent" or "Add hashes for other networks (e.g. Gnutella2, eDonkey2000" checked. Then select if the file you want is a single file by itself, or one or more files in a directory. Once you have that set up, click Next.

The next window will ask you where the file you want to create the torrent file out of is located. Click Browse and navigate to the file or folder that you want to create the torrent file out of, click Choose, and Next in the dialog box.

After this, Azureus will bring up a window asking how you want to create the torrent file. So first, browse to where you want your torrent file to be created on your computer, and click Choose. For the piece size, I usually leave it at the default setting. I would only change this to something besides the default if I am going to make a torrent for the same file, and upload it to a different site. You should only change the piece size so that Azureus won't recognize it as a duplicate if you make a torrent for the same file(s). I usually don't have the box that says "Open for seeding when done" checked unless the tracker URL includes your passkey. If the original URL you entered to make your torrent does not include your passkey (like Waffles) you do not need to have this box checked. If it does include your passkey, like, you can have this box checked. If you feel so inclined, you can change the tracker URL to include your passkey so you do not have to redownload the torrent file from the torrent site. You can change this once you open the torrent file in Azureus by right/CTRL clicking the torrent and going to Advanced>Tracker>Edit Tracker URL(s) and edit the tracker url to include your passkey if you want to. Now check the box that says "Private Torrent - only allow peers from the tracker". If you are uploading the torrent to a private site, you should have this box checked. Once you have all of that information entered, click Finish.

The next window is a log of the torrent creation. If you get a message like "Ignoring .DS_Store file" it is okay. This is a needless file that Mac OS X creates in order to index files in a folder. Windows users have no use for this file, so it is simply ignored.

Now once the torrent file is created, go back to the Waffles Upload page, enter in all the required information, browse to where the torrent file is located on your hard drive, and click Do it! at the bottom of the Upload page.

That's it! You've successfully uploaded a torrent! The only thing left to do is to redownload the torrent, and put load it into Azureus. So now redownload the torrent from the torrent page, and go back to where you created the original torrent, and replace that one with the torrent downloaded from Waffles. You no longer need the original torrent file. Then, open the torrent in Azureus, and a box will appear asking you where to download the files to, and to select individual files if needed. So put in this information to the dialog box, and click OK.

Azureus will then proceed to check all the files in the torrent. When it reaches 100%, the torrent will appear in the bottom portion of the Azureus screen to seed (it should start automatically). If you get an error, try stopping the torrent waiting a minute or so, and restarting the torrent. The tracker may not have recognized the torrent yet.

That concludes creating and seeding a torrent with Azureus on Mac OS X! Happy uploading!

Taken from waffles forums!


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