Saturday, January 5, 2008

Explanation of nCore's Point System

Taken from Forums,Written by Rozsomak,Not me!


I made a small review and translation on Ncore's recently launched point -sytem and invite sytem. For those who might be interested, I wanted to help U. I know that Hungarian is not an easy language.

Here we go.
You can send invites if you have 500 points. There ain't no time limitations, schedules at the moment. Simple as that: collect the 500 points and you can invite Your friend.
How can you get points?

Uploading 1 torrentfile (after Moderator's Approval): 5 points
Fulfilling a request: 20 points(maximum 2 p. / day)
Login on the tracker: 1 point (maximum 1 p. / day)
Uploading 100 Mb / day : 1 point (maximum 1 occasion / day)
Downloading 1 Gb / day: 1 point (max. 1 occasion / day, freebies don' t count)

1 warn = -20 points
Any other breeching: - 2 points

What else you can use Your points for:
1 request = -25 points
1 invite sent = -500 points(50 points during freeleech sometimes)
Under warning you cannot collect points until warning is lifted!


D22D said...

Thanks MM!!
Great help!!


racketeer66 said...

Invites can be sent again from March the 1st!
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