Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Markup's Beginners Guide to becoming a Uploader

So you want to be a uploader eh? Well you have come to the right place!


In this guide I am going to tell you what people look for in uploaders.So listen up!


1.A decent upload speed:I know some may not be able to afford seedboxes or really fast connections but this is how it works with these sites. Some sites such as music or appz trackers may allow a slower upload speed since the files are smaller. But if the files are bigger (Movies,TV,Games etc) then you will need a faster upload speed.
If you have a seedbox then you will be fine...

2.Scene axx(Access):People will come after you in a jiffy if you have scene access.

3.A lot of media: If you have a lot of media then sites will like you a lot as well unless you have a slower upload speed.

4.Packs:If you have a lot of packs then a site may like you.

That's pretty Much it..Tell me if I forgot something(I probably did knowing me.

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